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Faith Workout: It’s Who You Know

“No more boasting about human leaders. All things are yours…“ – 1 Cor 3:21 READ 1 Corinthians 3 REFLECT 1 – What caused the divisions within the Corinthian church? 2 – What does Paul mean when he says the Corinthians were living “in the flesh?” 3 – What does Paul’s characterization of himself and Apollos […]

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Open Anxiety

As I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, I ran across a video produced by CrossFit on people’s emotions heading into open workout number one. The video did a good job allowing some top level athletes to express and be transparent about their own anxieties, but also give encouragement and comfort to the rest of […]


Baltimore Chapter Doing Work!

Please go to faithrxd.org/chapters to find or start a chapter near you and make 2015 fitter than 14! The page links to a growing number of Faith Rx’d chapter Facebook group sites across the globe. Join the group and get in on free workouts, new friendships, encouragement and training! More photos of the Baltimore chapter […]


Faith Workout: “Work Now, Rest NOW”

“Created in Christ Jesus for good works…” – Ephesians 2:10 READ Hebrews 4 REFLECT “Work now, rest later!”  This is a common quote found in the fitness community.  Hard work is praised.  Rest is minimized.  But in God’s law, how is work and rest legislated?  Does it matter how hard we work? The Bible is […]


Faith Workout: Sign Name Here

“Those who know Your name trust in You” – Psalm 9:10 READ Exodus 34 REFLECT What happens when we sign a contract?  Contracts mean commitment.  Borrowers commit to lenders.  Athletes commit to schools.  Employees commit to employers.  God uses a different word for commitment.  He speaks of making a “covenant” with His followers. The closest […]

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