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Faith Workout: Walking in Freedom

“For freedom Christ has set us free…” READ Galatians 5 REFLECT On July 4th, the United States of America celebrates Independence Day.  American citizens celebrate the day we gained independence and formed a new country here on this soil.  We celebrate freedom and remember those who sacrificed their lives for that freedom. While many of […]


Faith Workout: 100-Year Goals

“Only ONE man’s APPROVAL will matter 100 years from now, so it’s the only one that matters TODAY!” – AthleteWord of the Day READ Philippians 3:10-14 REFLECT Goal-setting is an important activity for anyone who desires to live a life of purpose.  I have had success setting short-term goals like 30-day or 40-day goals.  I […]


Faith Workout: Training Partners

“WHAT we stand FOR & WHO we stand WITH proves WHO we are.” – AthleteWord of the Day READ Acts 9:26-31 REFLECT When my athletes have been been forced to train alone while traveling, we hear a common admission.  They don’t train as hard by themselves.  Training partners push us.  They sharpen us.  Their presence holds […]


Growing up playing sports I had certain heroes that I idolized and always wanted to be like. In my brief stint in baseball (that would be anytime where there was no ability to cut me from the team) I idolized Tom Glavine. Left-handed pitcher, Cy Young Award winner, part of the great three from the […]

Guido Trinidad, 2012 CrossFit Games Final, Farmer's Carry

Guido Trinidad: Athlete’s New Testament Profile

Originally published June, 2013, as part of The Athlete’s New Testament, which can be purchased via the Faith Rx’d Store. Guido owns and coaches at Peak360 CrossFit in Miami, co-founded and programs the Wodapalooza fitness festival, and is the Head Coach of Faith Rx’d Iron Sharpens Iron weekend training events. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord […]

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