Chapters are volunteer led groups that exist to unite and equip fitness affiliate owners, coaches, and athletes through workouts, faith-based discussion, study of the Bible, prayer, social and service events. Hallmarks of Faith Rx’d chapters include:

  • A network that makes it easy to find community, even while on travel or after moving to a new place
  • A safe group with whom to workout, ask challenging questions and grow in faith, both during and between hosted events
    •   EVERYONE is encouraged to attend regardless of fitness level, religious affiliation, gym membership, etc.
    •   Leaders are carefully screened (interviews, reference and background checks) and trained (Iron Sharpens Iron, video conference calls, chapter leader Facebook group)
  • A positive relationship between leaders and at least two local churches

This map is just the beginning.   If your city is already represented, click the pin nearest you to get more information about how to get involved.  If not, below you can find steps on how to launch a Faith Rx’d chapter!

Chapter events are uploaded to our events page from chapter Facebook group pages accessible via the map above. Most chapter events warm-up with a functional fitness workout, host a relevant discussion about faith, and last roughly 90 minutes. Participation is free (except at CrossFit North Devon, UK).

Any childcare available will be mentioned on the event page. A few host gyms may have policies which restrict minors from participating in the workout. The Chapter Director (also listed via the map above) can advise if this applies and answer any other questions.

Recommended items to bring (optional):
• Workout clothes
• Water or recovery beverage
• Bible ( with HCSB or your favorite translation downloaded for use in airplane mode can work well)

Steps to Form a New Local Chapter

  1. Pray about your involvement in a local chapter
  2. Search out an existing Faith Rx’d chapter in your area via the map above
  3. If none exists, read the Chapter Ministry Guide to find out more of what’s involved in forming a new chapter at least an hour drive away from any existing chapters
  4. Attend an Iron Sharpens Iron training event
  5. Contact Operations Director, Jim Conzelman, , to ask questions and request a Ministry Leadership Application (MLA)
  6. Complete the MLA and advise Jim of its submission
  7. Once Jim has interviewed you in person or via phone, checked your references, and initiates a background check, provide your information online via the emailed link from Intelligent Screening Solutions
  8. Recruit at least 2 other chapter leaders (secondary leaders are not required to complete an MLA) and host a leadership team planning session
  9. Once the new chapter is certified by Faith Rx’d and you’ve been added as an administrator for the “Faith Rx’d [City Name]” Facebook group (normally an open group) we create for you, you may begin planning activities and events that support the mission and values of Faith Rx’d!
  10. Local Ministry Director Chip Pugh, , will then become your primary staff point of contact to support your efforts

Faith Rx’d Ministry Guide

Chapter Leadership Roles


  • Exudes passion to see the local fitness community unite and become equipped in faith and service
  • Meets requirements set forth in “Steps” section above
  • Cultivates and empowers the leadership team and chapter in the spirit of Romans 12:3-8
  • Maintains personal focus on strategic issues such as frequency of meetings, where to host, outreach to the greater community, long range planning
  • Continuously evaluates support of Faith Rx’d mission and redirects as needed
  • Communicates with Faith Rx’d Local Ministry Director and other chapter leaders, sharing best (and worst) practices via Facebook Chapter Leader Group


  • Plans long-range flow of meeting faith topics, including 8 “on-ramp” focused studies provided by Faith Rx’d
  • Coordinates event speakers
  • Creates and/or makes resources available such as links to Faith Rx’d blog posts, the Athlete New Testament, devotional guides (see links below), apps, etc

Outreach Coordinator

  • Finds ways to make especially new attendees feel welcome
  • Maintains names, email addresses, uploads to Faith Rx’d Newsletter List with permission from attendees
  • Frequent communication via email and Facebook group site including posting all events for current and future month, photos & recap after
  • Encourages member connection with the larger Faith Rx’d community through social media (see floating links below) and neighbor chapters

Lead Coach

  • Plans event WODs
  • Assigns coaching roles for all events
  • Posts supplemental training information via Facebook group site
  • Coordinates competitions (optional)

Service Coordinator

  • Creates one or two focused local service partnerships
  • Plans and leads community service efforts
  • Plans and leads fundraising efforts to support the global reach of Faith Rx’d
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