“I’m thankful for the sport of CrossFit and fitness, but it’s not a great god, and it will fail you. But our God, my Abba Father, that I came to know through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, He will never fail me!”
– Co-Founder, Becky Conzelman


Our hope is not in a man, a fitness modality, or an industry, it’s in Jesus Christ. Man-made things are a reminder of the broken world we live in, and how amazing it will be once we are united with Him.


FAITH RXD creates an intersection for local gyms and churches.


We believe in and advocate for love, respect, support and opportunity for people of all races, as is so strongly & radically supported across Scripture and the conscience God gives us. Our values of integrity, unity, service and excellence echo and guide us in this. The similar heart we have seen in local fitness business owners and industry leaders is one of the reasons why we love being involved with this community.


Our mission is to “unite and strengthen the fitness community to live for Christ, share His love & serve the world.” This focus on the larger “fitness community” has always been our approach. While our camp and chapter coaches often use functional fitness methods, many of which were combined and championed by the founders of CrossFit, our events are hosted online, at a park, or by local gyms regardless of affiliation. Functional fitness provides amazing capacity to strengthen physically for sport and life, and create a shared experience that builds community like nothing else.


While we have loved and deeply valued our presence at CrossFit competitions, inclusion in their events to help strengthen nonprofit leaders, and relationship with the community, we have no financial or official organizational ties to CrossFit, Inc. Our mission is to support the entire fitness community, not just CrossFit boxes.


We do not represent the brand of CrossFit for a variety of legal and strategic reasons, except when publishing the name of an event host affiliate or competition as the location. We do not plan to avoid using the name of a local CrossFit affiliate host because we believe in the racially inclusive values we’ve watched them express as small business owners providing crucial support for their communities. We hope to see more of that from CrossFit, Inc, considering its relevance in current public discussion.


With so much love for our fitness family,



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