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Athletes Aim For Something Bigger

Athletes Aim For Something Bigger AthleteWord: We TRAIN for goals out of this world because the FINISH LINE is further than you can see! READ Hebrews 5:7-10 REFLECT Jesus was an athlete.  We don’t have record of Him playing a sport, running a race, or lifting a barbell.  But we have plenty of evidence that […]

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The Mission of Giving

  AthleteWord: The GREATEST competitor gave the greatest GIFT – He gave His all for His team!   STRENGTH WORK Matthew 1:18-25 This time of year we all enjoy gift-giving.  How much will we spend?  Who will we buy gifts for and how will we choose what to purchase? Gifts do not define everything in […]

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Training on a Mission

AthleteWord: My MISSION till I die is to make ONE name famous! STRENGTH WORK Genesis 1:26-31 What is your purpose for training? Why do you spend time developing strength, endurance, and physical fitness?  There could be many good reasons for aiming to be physically fit, but have you ever considered your personal motivation? DISCUSSION Spend […]

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Practicing Strength Through Gratitude

  AthleteWord: Truly saying “thank-you” is impossible when you think you run the show. STRENGTH WORK Romans 1:18-25 Strength is developed through a disciplined dedication to training. But have we ever thought about the origin of the wisdom we use when designing programs? What about the design of our bodies? If we see design, doesn’t […]

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What Does It Mean To Be Great?

AthleteWord: Champions do not DEFINE GREATNESS by how many serve them – but by how THEY SERVE. STRENGTH WORK Matthew 20:20-28 How do you define greatness?  Is it something we do?  Is it a position we hold?  I once had an individual admit what many of us think.  He said, “I just want to be […]

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