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A New Beginning – Greg Kino

“But God, that’s not the testimony I want.” Actually, I don’t think anyone would have ever chosen the testimony I was given after my first marriage ended with my spouse leaving it. You see, I was given a second marriage, this time with a believing spouse,  and an opportunity to raise “his and her” children […]

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Competitors Expect Results

AthleteWord: Strength is not found in what I can do but in what I believe the LORD can do. READ Matthew 14:13-21 REFLECT What kind of results should we expect from our training?  How do we know what to expect? Should we look to those who serve as our coaches?  Do we observe the results […]

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Only One Voice Leads to Real Success

AthleteWord: We were MADE to pursue excellence by connecting to one TEAM that follows one VOICE. READ  John 10 REFLECT What is a team?  The word finds its meaning from the idea of a team of animals pulling together.  Successful teams are linked together so they can pull in the same direction.  Many of us […]

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Faith Workout: Celebrate Purpose

CELEBRATE PURPOSE   READ Colossians 3:15-17   REFLECT What is the most powerful possession you own?  Isn’t it your ability to choose?  Animals don’t have the ability to choose.  They react.  One of the primary reasons we are called God’s children, made in His image, is we share His ability to choose.  Life doesn’t just […]

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