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Update Video for July 2018

Coming This Month: We’re exploring, “What does it mean to be a competitor of the faith?” and learning from Heroes like Abraham and Nehemiah. You can watch Chip Pugh’s “Athlete Mindset: The Unbroken Commitment of a Competitor” here. We’ll continue to learn about incorporating the disciplines of Prayer and Fasting. We have a team going […]

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FAITH RXD Celebrates Five Years!

Five years ago Co-Founders Jim and Becky Conzelman and Chip Pugh gathered on June 10th and envisioned a community transformed by the gospel, UNITED and STRONG in the faith. From that meeting, FAITH RXD was born. We are incredibly humbled by the amazing things God has done since then. He has grown our community to […]

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We Need More “Ear-Speed”

AthleteWord:  Self-discipline is a mark of champions!   READ Luke 8:4-15 REFLECT At each FAITH RXD training seminars our Olympic lifting coach, Spencer Arnold, reminds us of the importance of BAR-speed.  The speed of the bar will dictate your success in the snatch and clean. Spencer teaches optimal position of the knees, hips, and shoulders […]

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A New Beginning – Greg Kino

“But God, that’s not the testimony I want.” Actually, I don’t think anyone would have ever chosen the testimony I was given after my first marriage ended with my spouse leaving it. You see, I was given a second marriage, this time with a believing spouse,  and an opportunity to raise “his and her” children […]

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