Faith Workout: The Strong Give Glory to God

“The glory of the young is their strength…” (Proverbs 20:29) READ Romans 4 REFLECT This year’s Games was an opportunity to continually witness glory.  From the strength and performance of the competitors to the joy among spectators – God’s glory was constantly on display.  Of course, this was not evident to all, and none of […]

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Photo Courtesy of Crossfit Games Inc

Remember Who Holds You

As I sat in the tennis stadium last night watching the overhead squat event. Three things went through my head. USAW is improving, but man I would love one day for us to compete in a venue like that. At least a couple men attempted 400. I give them props for at least trying. It […]

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Faith Workout: Run Your Race

“The sun…rejoices like a great athlete eager to run the race” READ Psalm 19 REFLECT The Games athletes are beginning their “race” today.  They are likely experiencing a number of emotions, and these emotions will certainly fluctuate throughout the weekend.  Of all the emotions an athlete can experience, joy is specified in today’s passage.  An […]

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In Good Hands

It’s the Thursday before the USAW National Championships and, as with most lifters prepping for the meet, there’s always a bit of nerves. The taper bug is in full swing, most of us are cranky cutting a couple extra kilos, and we’re facing the biggest National stage available to us in this country. Months of […]

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Faith Workout: Fight With Praise

“You do not have to fight this battle…” READ Psalm 8 REFLECT When goals are not achieved, or life turns in a way you didn’t expect – what is your response?  We have a tendency to fight.  ‘The fight in the dog’ is vital, but the dog needs to be trained when and how to […]

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