Why We Hate Sports

It seems like in the more recent years, the evangelical Christian world has made it a point to take aim at professional and collegiate athletics. I hear stories and examples weekly of pastors using professional athletes and their fans as examples for idolatry and misplaced worship. While these pastors and churches may not be far […]

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Faith Workout: Never Thirst Again

“Whoever drinks of the water I give him will never be thirsty again.” (John 4:14) READ John 4 REFLECT What fulfills you?  What do you thirst for?  Do you live for the weekend?  Do you live to experience certain aspects of life?  Do you seek fulfillment through wealth and earthly success?  These are ways many […]

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The Content of Our Hope

“It’s at that moment that you either know or you don’t know where you’re going.” One of our recent Faith Rx’d Iron Sharpens Iron training camp veterans, Patrick Engle, recorded the video below about his near tragic experience on a flight home. He describes his emotions and thoughts for this near-death experience. What I find […]

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True Strength

Some of the best parts about participating in team sports, if you’re a team sports type of person, is that it requires a joint effort and it requires the laying down of egos in order to create a united front towards a common goal. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Remember the […]

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