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Faith Workout 1901.2 | Relationship Over Religion

Today’s Faith Workout was written by FAITH RXD DENVER Chaplain, Addison Howard. Local FAITH RXD Chapters meet all over the world, hosting Service Events and free Faith +Fitness Events that include a workout and faith discussion. Connect to local chapter near you.    Read: Matt 22:37-39   Reflect: Imagine walking into your gym tomorrow morning, […]

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Athlete Testimonial: Jonathan Morgan

From the very beginning, life for me was a search for identity. I was raised in a military home and moved around a lot while growing up. With this lifestyle, I never felt like I had roots, or an identity with anything or anyone. Everything from sports, friendships, and houses were in constant state of […]

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USAW American Open Champion and CrossFit Coach, Spencer Arnold, talks about the gift of adequacy we have in Christ. See him live at one of our upcoming Iron Sharpens Iron camps!

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Not Quite There Yet

“Whether you’re on your sick bed with cancer, or the fittest man on Earth, you can still be all you can be for God…” Check out this motivating message from Faith Rx’d coach Chip Pugh.  

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