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Iron Sharpens Iron, Swansea, UK

The first official Iron Sharpens Iron conference outside the USA. You can mix with other athletes and gym bunnies to explore and deepen your knowledge and experience of the Christian Faith while getting a great workout at the same time.  Get stronger in body, mind and spirit! The main guest speaker and coach is Spencer Arnold , Olympic Lifting Coach from Power and Grace Perfomance. The event will start with registration and an optional workout on Friday Evening. Registration will resume on Saturday 29th and the main event will kick off at 9am. Cost includes free event T-Shirt, bag and wristband.

Register for the eventhere

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Why Fear?

This past week in chapel at King’s Ridge Christian School, I got the opportunity to speak on Proverbs 1:7. Proverbs 1:7 is considered by most to be the purpose statement and foundational verse for the entire book of Proverbs. What Solomon says in this verse is that our fear of God is the basis by […]

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15.3 Better Things

Better Things

So often in CrossFit workouts competitors and spectators get caught up in the “sexy” movements and forget that most often workouts are won on the monotonous, boring movements. A great example is the Open workout last week. Everybody gets excited to watch and to perform the muscleups. The reality is however that the workout is […]

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Faith Workout: Thank God for Judging!

“I’ll do the judging,” says God…(Romans 12 – MSG) READ Romans 12 REFLECT What should you do when you see someone cheat on a workout? How should you respond? One thing that can keep us from responding inappropriately is to recognize there will be a day of judgment. It is common to frown on the […]

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