FAITH RXD Denver Chapter Coach, Mike Ray, has some great tips for Open Workout 20.1.


And just like that we are back in the Games Season with one that is sure to force us to the edge of our abilities. This one is going to be brutal, and PACING is the key.


Galatians 6:9

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

This verse tells me to be patient. Which you will need at the beginning. Remember that we have been given the ability to do this and we are representatives of God. Keep composure weather you exceed your expectations or you fail to meet them. Say a little prayer before hand so you remember what is important before you start. Encourage and love on your community, let God’s love shine from you. 


Ideally the main strategy you should go at this workout with is ‘go hard on the barbell, pace the burpees.’ The intent of RX for this workout is to be a constant burn, unbroken(or close to it) and steady.


Warming up you really want to make sure your shoulders are loose, and your back as well. With the burpees you are going to end up bending your back and you want to be warm enough that you can maintain stability with the back in the barbell. Your warmup should start slow with cardio, then specific to getting loose where you need to be. Practice the movements (4 rounds(fast): touch and go 3 reps on the bar, hit 3 burpees) and spike your heart rate a little to get your body ready. Active recovery for 10 min before you start and then you’re ready to rock!


So let’s break down the movements:


Ground to Overhead:

First decision you need to make is based on how heavy the weight is. If 95/65 is not a touch and go weight for ground to overhead, consider doing Clean and Jerks from the start as this will be much less taxing for you. From this decision you need to make sure that you are getting good form. If you are not bending your knees, and using your back, you are going to be lit up by round 6 and feeling wretched for days. Make sure you get to the bottom of every rep to start with correct form and a solid lumbar spine.



There are 100 of them, need I say more? Stepping up is going to be the most recommended way of doing this. Helps you control a pace and hopefully keep your heart rate in the right frame to consistently keep moving. If you want to pick up this pace here’s what you need to do:

      1. Stay close to the bar, be consistent about the distance away from the bar and remember the less you move the quicker you can do the movement.  There is such a thing as too close by the way, so watch your face, no need to break a tooth on the bar (I’ve seen it).
      2. Spin in the air so that you are facing the bar when you land on the other side of the bar. Please practice a few reps beforehand and make sure to clear the bar (standards changed slightly).
      3. Overall pace is quicker – be careful with this though and be mindful of your heart rate. The last thing you need in this workout is having to stop for 10 seconds to catch your breath (you stop every round and it will cost you over a minute and a half)



Regardless of the pace, set one: IE 1 min per round – 2 min per round, whatever you think you can do.


Nothing will stop me, except definitely the time cap: Burpees are the bane of your existence, or this weight is just going to crush you. Start pacing at the beginning and take it slow. Set a goal for split times and attack that appropriately. If you are ahead of your goal, maybe slow down a little toward the beginning and push once the clock hits 10.


I am finishing 10 rounds, even if I lay on the floor the rest of the night: Your biggest issue is probably hitting that ‘wall’ in later rounds and just flat falling apart. I recommend you go hard on round 1. Yeah that’s right go hard on round 1 and get that out of your system. Once that is over with take a deep breath and a few second pause. Then pick up the bar again, but this time slow down. Try to keep the bar movement unbroken as this is the quickest movement and can easily cost you a lot of time if you set it down. Then to the burpees take a good pace. That means stepping up to the bar, breathing consistently, and not spiking your heart rate. If you watched the showcase last night you can see the GAMES ALL STARS pacing all of the mid rounds.


I can beat Rich, this is MY workout: Great news! Be careful! Start that first round same as above where you go a little quicker getting that out of your system and then stick to your pacing. 1 min per round is the average pace for the guys last night and easy to keep track of. For me I will set a pace slightly slower more of a 1:05 to 1:10 pace then when round 8 rolls in, if I am feeling ok I will pick up the last 3 rounds. You want to have gas in the tank at the end of this to sprint the last 10 burpees, so set a cruise early and keep the pace. Don’t slip, but don’t crush the pace either at least from rounds 2-7.




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