James 1:8


When things aren’t going how we want, it can be difficult to have confidence in the future. During these harder times, you may doubt your capabilities to overcome challenges or have lower self-esteem.

But doubt in ourselves can be destructive and prevent us from seeing things as they really are. When we doubt too much, we leave ourselves open to fail more often and miss experiences that can build our trust in Jesus.

  1. Has doubt ever prevented for you from developing a stronger relationship with God?

When we have confidence in the future, it is generally because we are practicing healthy patterns of behavior and living according to holier principles. But we can be close to God and still doubt his power in our lives.

For example, we all know the story of Doubting Thomas. He needed to see a physical Jesus to believe He had risen. Think about that for a moment. Thomas, an Apostle, who walked with Christ, struggled with his faith in God.

And when Thomas saw Jesus, he told him “because you have seen me, you have believed.” He then said to Thomas “blessed are they who have not seen, yet have believed.”

We will all struggle from time to time. It is a natural thing. But the struggles become much easier to handle when we decide to submit ourselves to Christ.

When we have confidence in His plan for us, we are given peace of mind through our challenges.


  1. Write down a Doubting Thomas moment you had in your life with God.
  2. Find a Scripture about confidence and commit that to memory.



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