Psalm 37:23


Have you ever encountered the question, “Do you have mastery over your own life?” When this inquiry reaches your ears, how do you typically respond?

At times, managing unforeseen events that occur suddenly can be a formidable task. However, there is one aspect we retain control over, and that’s our attitude. We possess the ability to decide how we will let adversity affect us.

Will we permit it to cast a shadow over our day, week, month, year, or even our entire life? The answer is absolutely not. While we may momentarily lose our footing, true champions do not deviate from their course. Instead, they find a way to adapt to unexpected changes and continue moving forward with the same vigor and momentum they had before.

Proverbs 16:9 tells us that “The Lord establishes our steps.” This Scripture means that we never have to worry about our footing when it is grounded in His Gospel. Think back to the last time you lost footing for a moment and found yourself frustrated about the situation and what to do next. Now, next time it happens, picture The Lord intervening before you stumble and placing your feet back where they were before.

In challenging circumstances, it’s essential to release our grip and allow God to take the reins, recognizing that when He assumes control, everything falls into a more harmonious alignment. Moreover, it’s crucial to understand that cultivating a disciplined mindset is a gradual process, not something that transpires overnight. Our journey towards mastering self-control is a continuous endeavor, as champions are always committed to relentless improvement.

So, let’s aim for greater heights, continue to gain mastery over our lives, and embrace the idea that letting God take the lead is always the wisest choice. As we do this, we’ll discover transformations and blessings that deepen our connection with The Divine.


1. Commit Proverbs 16:9 to memory.

2. Write down one thing you can do to have better self-control and spiritual control over your life.



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