Matthew 5:6


Competitors elevate their mindset. They focus on critical objectives, minimizing distractions and enhancing their outlook as they relentlessly pursue success. They have an unwavering determination to triumph and consistently improve their athletic prowess.

In moments of uncertainty, they draw upon their past triumphs. They remind themselves of the mountains they have already conquered and acknowledge that scaling even greater peaks is possible, albeit demanding more time and effort.

Unwaveringly committed to their aspirations, competitors meticulously execute their goals. They recognize that this practice propels them towards elevated realms. Like an unquenchable flame, this unwavering mindset blazes within their core, driving them to unparalleled achievements.

The Bible is full of stories of people who were touched by the hand of God and chosen to minister on His behalf. These individuals were able to ascend to higher spiritual realms because they surrendered their lives wholeheartedly to the divine will of Christ. This surrender led to countless miracles, a testament to the power of faith.

Through His exemplary life, Christ showed us a superior path, a way of living that transcends the ordinary. This path is characterized by meekness, humility, mercy, a hunger for righteousness, peacemaking, and a dedication to establishing God’s reign on earth.

These virtues are not easy to practice, but they can transform our lives. When we passionately live these virtues, we open ourselves up to God’s blessings and grace. We also begin to experience a spiritual elevation that brings us closer to God.

The Beatitudes are a spiritual mandate for all believers. They call us to live a life of love, compassion, and justice. When we do this, we become agents of change in the world and bring glory to God.


1. Write down two ways you can improve your spiritual mindset.

2. Read the Sermon the Mount. Memorize two of the Beatitudes.



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