Exodus 4:10-14


In a competitive mindset, excuses have no place. Competitors acknowledge their weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and take steps to overcome challenges without making excuses.

Similar to how skilled sailors give their best effort to navigate the changing currents and winds of the sea, competitors strive to bring their A-game, consistently pushing themselves to perform at their highest potential. They do not settle for mediocrity but frequently seek ways to improve, fine-tuning their skills and strategies to stay ahead in the race.

In addition, competitors show up. They know that holding oneself accountable in the gym means showing up consistently, being respectful to fellow athletes, and supporting each other’s progress. It fosters a culture of responsibility, mutual encouragement, and camaraderie that enhances the overall atmosphere for everyone during the workout.

What does the Bible say about excuses? Do you remember when God told Moses he would lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt? Moses replied to God by telling him that he wasn’t a good speaker. He was concerned more about his ability to woo a crowd than what the Lord could do for Him.

In response, God reminded Moses who gave human beings their mouths. Of course, we know that Moses did lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. That God humbled him and helped him see his worth, and Moses became one of the most critical figures in the history of the world.

Think about that for a moment. When we decide to submit to the Lord, He may endow us with power to do great and marvelous things. As believers, we shouldn’t make excuses when we feel that we don’t meet a certain benchmark. Because with God, there isn’t anything we cannot accomplish or do.


1. Read Exodus 4. Write down any feelings you have as you read about the exchange between God and Moses.

2. Find another verse of Scripture in the Bible about excuses. Commit it to memory.



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