1 Timothy 6:12


Competitors fight through exhaustion, fatigue, and doubt. In the moments when most give up, they dig in and keep pushing.” When their muscles burn and ache, they don’t stop until the coach says, “And time.” Competitors have a warrior’s heart.

You’ve likely seen that heart on full display as they move through the lifts and movements during the workout. When they need one more pull-up, competitors knock out two or three. They’re also the ones encouraging others who struggle during the workout to fight through the fatigue.

Competitors fight because they know it improves their mental fortitude and workout results. You won’t see them sitting down for long periods when it is time for a break. They take just enough of a break to keep moving smoothly throughout the exercise.

But competitors don’t just fight in the gym. They fight in life and most importantly, competitors fight for Jesus Christ. They aren’t afraid to stand for truth if it means standing alone. They understand that doing what is right is what matters, not what is popular.

They aren’t afraid to stand out for God. Because they know as they live a Christ-centered life, as it says in Deuteronomy that “God will fight for them.” There is nobody better to have in your corner cheering you on or fighting with you.

When the Devil tries to put chinks in their armor, they are prepared for it. They wear the Full Armor of God, stand their ground, and defend His kingdom.


Find a Scripture about fighting and commit it to memory.

Write down all the things you can do to fight for Jesus. Then pick one of the ways on your list and act on it.



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