We’ve got your daily encouragement, written by Travis Pate. 

Bible Reading:

Proverbs 11:2

When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
    but with the humble is wisdom.


Courage is an important part of our Christian walk. In order to move in God’s will, we will need to exercise a measure of faith. God reminded both Moses and Joshua to be strong and courageous and that He would be with them as they followed God’s direction. He was there to provide for them and to meet their needs.

There is a problem that can arise when it comes to courage—pride. When courage comes from self-sufficiency, it can lead to pride. God wants us to rely on Him and Him alone.

Many times we will resort to our own devices to try and face difficult situations rather than listen to and obey God. When we are successful on our own, we become prideful. When we rely on God, He gets the glory!

If we continue to try to do things on our own, our tendency is think that we don’t need God any longer. Nothing could be further from the truth. When things are going really well for us, we need to be thankful that we are being blessed by God. God created us for a relationship with Him and to glorify Him. We can’t do that when pride gets in the way.


God, I know that pride is a sin and I ask you to help me to remove any pride that I have in my heart. I want to fully rely on you and to enjoy all that you have in store for my life. I pray that you will lead and guide me, and that I will faithfully follow your direction. Amen.


Make a list of the things that you have or have done that you are thankful for.


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