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Bible Reading:

23 This is the Lord‘s doing;
    it is marvelous in our eyes.
24 This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:23-24


I had a student come up to me once after a talk I gave on gratitude in our youth group. He asked me after service, “Why do I have to be grateful when I worked for it?” He was referring to the position he was awarded on his basketball team and how he trained all summer at camp working on his game to get there.


In my response, I gently asked clarifying questions to get closer to his point. “So you drove yourself to camp every day?” I implied.


“No.” He said nervously.


“Did you get to pick the coach who trained you?”


He responded holding tighter to his arm, “No.”


It didn’t take long before realizing that even the next breath he would have had to take to try and defend his statement would have been something given to him as well. I would have agreed with his statement but there were too many factors stacked against him. His real question should have been, “What is there to not be grateful for?”


We give thanks to God because all we have has been given to us. In the story of the Bible, Israel never chose God, God chose Israel. Not only did God choose Israel, but Israel did nothing to earn their spot on God’s team! This is called grace.


One can agree that the great nation that formed out of Israel would have never been predicted by the world but “This is the Lord’s doing..” (v23). When you operate from a gratitude that comes from the grace of God, you will shock the world because every day you wake up with a reason to be glad when the world finds reasons to blame. It may not be the day you asked for, but it’s a day that was given. Today, let’s allow grace to be the fuel for our gratitude.




Lord, help me when I have anxious thoughts of not being enough. I believe in your hand that guides me and delivers me when I’m weak. Thank you for loving me even when I least deserve it. Begin to train me in gratitude today. Amen.




Meditate on these lyrics and write down phrases or words that stick out to you. Use the parts of the lyrics you chose as praise or a prayer to God.

“Who am I

To think Your glory needs my praises

But if this borrowed breath is Yours Lord

Take it all

You are faithful and You are gracious

And I’m just grateful

To think You don’t need a single thing

And still You want my heart.”

– “As You Find Me” by Hillsong UNITED

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