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Bible Reading:

1 Corinthians 13:7

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”


This past weekend we did the annual Passion WOD in remembrance of what Christ did for us. Every year, there is a variance of it that a lot of gyms do. It was a pretty challenging lineup of movements of double-unders, burpees and an 800m barbell walk.

Usually, I can focus on the movements and get through it well enough. But for me, this one hit differently. Over the last year there were so many changes, uncertainty, and growth that took place for a lot of us. And I believe this Easter was one of the most powerful ones I can remember.

During the workout I focused on talking with Jesus the entire time. As my mind would wander and begin to focus on my shoulders getting tired from the barbell, I reminded myself that it was nothing compared to what Jesus went through. After all, I hadn’t been betrayed, scourged, mocked, spit on, abused, abandoned or crucified.

It brought tears to my eyes thinking about what He went through. And the thing that compelled Him to do it was love. Jesus loved us so much that He wasn’t about to give up. His faith, hope and patience never failed. And it’s just as strong today as it was from the beginning.

Jesus gave us the ultimate example of what endurance is. And we must choose to go after it every day. His Spirit lives in us. He said that we are able to do all things through Him. So whether it’s a tough workout, challenging times in a relationship, or uncertainty in life..NEVER GIVE UP!


Father I admit that a lot of times I choose to focus on my circumstances. Those are temporary. The Spirit and life I have in You is eternal. Remind me that I belong to the King of kings and the Lord of the universe knows my name. Help grow my faith, hope, and patience no matter what. In Jesus’ name, Amen!



When you begin to think of the circumstances you are in shift your focus on the One who has already given you the strength to overcome it.


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