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Bible Reading:

Isaiah 32:17

And the effect of righteousness will be peace,

    and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.



Yesterday we learned how the Hebrew word for “Peace” is “Shalom.” In the Hebrew understanding of this word, it means to be made complete, or whole. 

I first learned about this last December when going through an Advent series with friends. It hit me pretty hard. I was in a season of comparison. There’s things in my life that haven’t happened yet, and I get really frustrated by God’s timeline. 

I kept asking for Peace, but didn’t fully understand what I meant by it. When I took a step back and broke it down, looking at my situation and asking, “How am I not whole in this situation? What is the specific feeling I want freedom from?” 

I was restless, discontent, and angry. 

When I said I wanted peace, what I meant is that I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to feel restless. I didn’t want to feel angry. Why? Because I wanted what I wanted, not what God wanted. 

My problem was not that I lacked peace, it was that I lacked trust and resented walking in obedience. Instead of God giving me what I wanted right now, I needed to take time confessing that poor attitude to him and asking for his forgiveness. 

The word “righteousness” often gets a bad rap because of the legalism (ie militant rule following devoid of grace and relationship) some people have experienced in the church. But it’s actually a very freeing word. As believers, we’ve acknowledged that God’s way is better than ours.

Oxford’s definition of righteousness is being morally right, or excellent. In my bad attitude, am I being righteous? Oh absolutely not, but by confessing that to God and taking it to him, he forgives me and I open myself to his Spirit working in me and molding me into the woman he wants me to be. 



God, I am so guilty of having a poor attitude that robs me of my sense of peace, or wholeness with you. It knocks me out of alignment with you. Please open my eyes to how I’m doing this, and come in and redeem those areas of me. Align me again with your heart. Help me desire the things you desire, today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



When you’re lacking peace today, check why. Identify the heart posture you’re in and take a moment to check in with God about it.


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