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Bible Reading:

1 Corinthians 13:5

“… [Love] it is not easily angered…”


Anger has roots. Anger does not stand on its own as a primary emotion. It is born out of other feelings such as fear, pain, and frustration. The frustration and irritation come from not being able to control a situation or a person. Have you seen Christians shouting down groups who aren’t living the way they want them to? Including fellow Christians, they don’t agree with? These are people easily irritated that they can’t make the whole world believe what they do, so they lash out, like a child having a fit.

Speaking of a child having a fit. Imagine a kid in a store who is not getting what they want. When they can’t control that situation, they try to control it in their anger by having a tantrum. In turn, many times, parents lash out with the same unchecked anger. Love, true love that is rooted in Jesus does not need to control a situation. It does not need a utopia to thrive in. It needs this messed-up world with its messed-up people. This is why the cross is so powerful. Because Jesus gives up control and simply loves us right where we are.

I met a lawyer at the store yesterday who was telling me he spent his whole life arguing. Imposing his will and trying to win arguments. He told me that he quit all that and now his great ambition is to become more and more like his golden retriever.

What about you? Are you angry at those tough family members who know how to push your buttons? Are you fed up with all of the evil thriving in the community around you? How will you respond? Like a lawyer? Take them to “court “ every day, plead your case and point fingers? Or will you just love? Will you simply be with tough people, give up control, like a golden retriever, and love them?



Lord, make me more like you. I give up control and pray to become love to those around me the way you have. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Next time you are on the verge of demanding your way, give up control, listen, and show a love that could only come from Jesus.


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