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Bible Reading:

Judges 7


Judges chapter 7 tells the story of Gideon’s Army. Gideon is going into battle against the Midianites with 32,000 men. But God looks at this and does not see strength in numbers. So He has Gideon dwindle down his troops by first sending everyone home who is scared. This makes his army only 10,000.

God still sees this as too many men and through the simple sign of how they drink from a river, the army is suddenly only 300 men. Why were there too many men to begin with? Because, with so many, they could declare that they had won by their own power. God wanted a situation where it would be apparent that HE had won the victory.

Gideon was living in excess. He was comfortable. But to His credit, he obeys God and strips down to the bare minimum. He did this knowing that he had the victory. God showed up in a big way because of Gideon’s faithfulness and they did have victory. We all are living in excess and comfort to some degree. We have many things around us that we depend on apart from God. What might He do if we were to strip it down to the bare minimum for His glory? How exciting and scary that could be.

If God is asking you to do this, to give away money, to change jobs, to get rid of the excess stuff, He must have something amazing planned for you, for His glory. Gideon just obeyed, he knew he had victory. In Romans 8, we read that “overwhelming victory is ours”! In Hebrews 12 we are encouraged to “strip off every weight that slows us down.” Boxers and MMA fighters have what they call “Fighting Weight”. Defined as the appropriate weight at which someone is most fit to fight in combat. God has already given you the victory. He just wants you to step into battle at your fighting weight.


God, show me what I must lose to be fully reliant on you. I praise you NOW for victory. In Jesus’ name, Amen!



Whatever it is, lose it. And claim His VICTORY.


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