We’ve got your daily encouragement, written by Matt Chow.


Bible Reading:

Isaiah 26:3

You keep him in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you.


Does your mind wonder about all the things that need to be done or can go wrong throughout the day?  If you’re like me, I’m constantly thinking about what’s ahead when I haven’t even finished what’s right in front of me. We are in an information overload age and there are so many things that can keep us distracted from God.  

I believe that one of Satan’s tactics is to keep our minds focused on earthly things. But God wants us to trust in him and not on the things of this earth. Then we can have rest and peace. This is much easier said than done. We are surrounded by a fallen world. If you remember the story of Peter walking on the water, even he failed to stay focused on Jesus when Jesus was right before him. 

When Jesus first called him, Peter was focused on him and was able to walk on water. Then Peter started paying attention to what was happening around him and he began to sink. That’s just like my life and often times how my day goes. I begin my day with Jesus, but as the day goes on I begin to focus on other things. That’s when the worry, fear, and anxiety starts to crept in. When I don’t keep my mind on God, I am letting my mind be consumed by things that cannot bring me the ultimate peace that our Father has for us.



Heavenly Father, thank you for your rest and peace that your word says is freely given to us.  Help me stay focused on you when everything seems to be crashing around me.  Help me not be consumed by the things of this world, but instead focus on your promise of peace and rest.  Fill me with your spirit so that your will can be done in my life, AMEN.



Practice keeping your mind on God throughout the day. When you find yourself beginning to worry about things, open up the bible and read Isaiah 26:3. Be reminded of His promise to keep perfect peace, if we trust him in.  


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