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Bible Reading:

Genesis 42-47


Lots of Bible reading, I know! But for today’s Faith Workout, it’s necessary. We’re going to give you a preview of the Faith Skill, Endurance, in our podcast with Spencer Arnold that came out today.


In this interview, we talk about the story of Joseph, and the incredible endurance he displayed throughout his life. Tim Keller writes this about Joseph,


“Joseph was ‘sent before’ the people in Egypt to save them. But see how he saved them: ‘as a slave.’ If Joseph hadn’t been betrayed, sold, and imprisoned for years, he never would have escaped his own deadly character flaws, never would have been able to redeem his own family from its generations-deep sins, nor would he have been able to save thousands of people from famine (Genesis 37–50). Joseph reveals the deep pattern of God’s salvation. His deliverers, and especially Jesus himself, save through rejection, weakness, and sacrifice. That is also how we connect to this salvation—through the weakness of repentance. After this, God often uses our troubles to rescue us from our own flaws and make us great.”


Jesus, I just want to say thank you. All the good in my life is because of you. All of it. It’s not because of me, as much as I like to think that it is. Help my perspective shift to trusting you in both the good and the bad, knowing that in the end, it all works out exactly the way you want it to, and there’s nothing better than that. In Your name I pray, amen.




List to the FAITH + FITNESS Podcast episode, Spencer Arnold | Embracing Christ in Crisis by clicking here, or finding it on your favorite listening platform.

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