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Bible Reading:

Psalm 147:1
“Hallelujah! It’s a good thing to sing praise to our God; praise is beautiful, praise is fitting.”


The discipline of private worship can seem intimidating, but when you look at it in light of this
passage and some of the purposes of worship it can truly be life giving.


Today I want to encourage you in your discipline of private worship to see worship as a time to
remember who God is and his activity. How many times within the day do we get crowded with
thoughts of anxiety, uncertainty, fear, insecurity, bouts of conflict, or control. Developing the
discipline of private worship in regards to remembering God’s character and activity allows God
to come into focus and the other things to fade in the background.


One of the ways you can develop your discipline of private worship is reflecting on songs about
God or songs from God. An example of a song from God is called harp and bowl. Harp and bowl
songs are songs of prayerful repetition. Prayerful repetition allows that phrase or that lyric to
go deeper into your mind and heart. Taking time at the beginning of the day in private worship
with a song of remembrance allows you to repeat the lyric, bring into focus that truth of who
God is and what he has done.


Heavenly Father, May I have the courage to meet with you through private worship; remembering who you are and your activity in my life. May I lift up my voice to your truth, so you are in focus and everything else fades in the background. I praise you for you are good. In Jesus’ name, amen!



I want to encourage you to take this song, listen to it first; what do you need to hear? What gets your attention? Then listen to it again, how can the truth of this song be center stage of your day.


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