Ephesians 6:12 


The Devil has been extremely successful in spreading his lies to today’s culture. He has deceived many into believing that there is no sin. And because of that, the definition of sin is twisted. Today’s culture sees sin as freedom and a way of expressing yourself.

We fight through this fog-thick sin daily, armed with our Sword of Spirit. Like it or not, as Christians, we are in a battle with eternal consequences.

We are at war with the Devil. It is only by following the commands of our Savior, Jesus Christ, that we will know how to counter his attacks.

The Devil has been around a long time. He isn’t stupid. He is a master manipulator, a master deceiver. There is a reason he is called the “Father of All Lies.”

He knows what makes us tick. And whenever he can, he will use those weaknesses to his advantage. Because the Devil also knows he isn’t going to win this battle. That he only has so much time. And that the true victors are those who follow God.

However, it can be hard to try and imagine a future that has not materialized yet. So instead of picturing what is coming, we need to build our fortifications against Satan now.

We do this by reading Scripture, praying, and following the teachings of Jesus Christ. When we do these things, Satan has a much harder time launching his attacks. That’s because we arm ourselves with His Word, which is sharper than a double-edge sword, and penetrates the soul, joints and marrow.

It doesn’t mean that we won’t stumble or make mistakes. We are all sinners and fall short of His grace. But His grace becomes much more apparent when we are fighting for Him.


1. Write down two things you can do to build stronger fortifications against The Devil.

2. Ask God for extra strength in the times where feel overwhelmed by Satan’s attacks.



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