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Bible Reading:

Psalm 8:4

what is man that you are mindful of him,
    and the son of man that you care for him?


All day, every day, we spend our time worried about ourselves. We think this life is all about us. Well, I don’t mean to bust your bubble, but as Rick Warren said in the first sentence of “The Purpose Driven Life,” “It’s not about you.”

Some of you may be picking yourself up off of the floor right now. Others may be saying, “But, it is about me”. Turn to Genesis 1:1, and you’ll learn that our story begins , “In the beginning, God.” If you read on, you will find God started to create all kinds of things.

If you’re reading, have you found your name yet? Me neither. Depressing? Humbling? Maybe a little of both? It should be humbling but not depressing, but humbling for a different reason.

In the midst of His story, he chose to create YOU for a relationship with Him! There is nothing more awesome than that! It takes two people spending time together to make a relationship work. If your relationship with God is your most important relationship, does the time you spend with Him reflect that? The Creator is waiting on you. It’s what you were created for!



God, I’ve had it all wrong for so long. I spend all day worried about me, when you tell me that I should seek you first. I am humbled that you chose to create me for a relationship with you and I pray that I will not take that for granted. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Spend some time praying today and asking God, “Where am I making things about me?” Then surrendering the things that he shows you, back to Him. See what you can do to shift your priorities in these situations to make them more about God.


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