This past weekend, I spent time on my knees…face to the ground.  Sometimes my hands were in the air.  I even found myself jumping as the beat of the music pumped loudly.
You might think I’m describing my experience in a worship service.  But I’m not talking about worship.  I’m talking about fitness.  Or maybe a little of both.  
What is worship?
To worship is…
To make something #1 in your life.
To devote your life to something.
To attribute ultimate worth and value to something.
In the church, many times the word “worship” is used to mean “music.”  Once the music is over, we’re finished “worshiping” and we sit through the rest of the stuff in the worship service.
But don’t confuse “worship” with “music.”
We don’t worship and then hear a sermon and then give an offering and then share in the Lord’s Supper.  Instead, every event in the worship service is an act of worship.  
When we sing, we turn the attention of our minds, our hearts, and our voices to God.  We worship God through music.
When we give an offering we attribute literal worth to God by giving our first and our best.  By giving a percentage of everything we make a statement that God is worth everything. We worship God through giving.  
When we share in the Lord’s Supper together we remember that Christ has given his life for us, and we respond by giving our lives to him.  We worship God through communion.
Why do we confuse “worship” with “music?”  Because we fall into the trap of worshiping the music itself rather than the God it points to.  The musical experience mistakenly becomes the object of our worship.  
When I describe Faith Rx’d events to people, sometimes I say:  “It’s kind of like Sunday church, but we workout instead of sing.”  
We replace music (what many people call “worship”) with working out.  And just as the musical experience can mistakenly become the object of our worship, so too can working out.  
We can fall into the trap of worshiping fitness rather than the God it points to.
Are you using fitness to worship God?  Or have you begun to worship fitness itself?
To what do you devote more of your life?  To Fitness or to God?  
Don’t confuse fitness with worship.
Don’t let fitness become the object of your worship.  Instead let your pursuit of fitness become one more way to worship God.  He is much more worthy of our worship.
Paul writes in Romans 12:1, “I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all that he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.”



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