“Hacking weight-loss seemed like only a dream that others got to experience. I was 300 lbs.  Further compounding matters, I am only 5’7″ inches tall, which means I was a dead-man walking.” Rick says in his article, “#HackingWeightLoss” published by Leadership Today.
He goes on to share how his relationship with God and his understanding of what God has done for him led him to how he needed to approach the health of his body, “I must extend my redemptive relationship with God and His gospel truth into all areas of my life.” All areas meant going beyond emotional and spiritual discipline to physical discipline as well.
We recently published another story about Kevan Kirton and how his weight loss also started with a spiritual transformation.
What these men show us is that our bodies and the way we care for them is also an act of worship. They are a gift and blessing from God through which we get to live and love. Rick dives in to some amazing aspects of this, to read the full article click here: “#HackingWeightLoss”
If you’re looking for a community of people who are passionate about working out and their relationship with God, check out one of our Local FAITH RXD Chapters. These groups meet all over the world, hosting Service Events and free Faith +Fitness Events that include a workout and faith discussion. Connect to local chapter near you. 



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