THEME: Before the First Pull


We’re in a season of in-between. Many of us aren’t quite cleared for “going out into the world” as normal. Our families, finances, workouts and hearts have been impacted by everything that’s going on, so how do we prepare ourselves in body, mind, and spirit? How do we care, recover and make sure we’re in the right starting position in our relationship with God and our bodies?

It’s easy for us to get too caught up in “pray more, read the Bible more, go to church more, serve people more, work more, workout more, do, do, do,” but we need to take a moment to ask: “Do we enjoy God?” If our whole purpose is to “glorify God by enjoying him,” do we truly enjoy him? What is going on that we’re so disconnected?

Do we enjoy moving? Or are we too busy judging and placing all our value on performance? Are we caring for our bodies or just punishing them?

The first pull initiates the bar coming off the ground. Before any movement, we check our starting position and mindset. The temptation once things open up will be to try and make up for everything we missed, forget everything we just went through, and by doing so we will risk burning out. So we want to take a moment to breathe before going back out. We want to connect to joy and delight in our relationship with God and in our relationship with our bodies. We want our first pull driven by True Strength.


Join our hand-picked team of world class coaches and diverse athletes like you from across the US and beyond for this one-of-a-kind weekend training event. Both the seasoned, competitive athlete and the weekend warrior with a new year’s resolution will take home new skills, perspective and fire to build strength that lasts.


Guido is the Owner and Head Coach at Peak 360 Fitness in Miami, 2012 CrossFit Games Competitor, Co-Founder of the Wodapalooza Miami Fitness Festival, former Linebacker for the Arlanda Jets and L’Hospitalet Pioners in Barcelona, CF L2, CF Football, CF Gymnastics, CF Endurance, CF Kids, USAW Sports Performance Coach, NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.


Sarah is the founder and director of Point One Vision, a nonprofit ministry that aims to shift the fitness industry from one that is self-rewarding to one that is centered upon service. A former collegiate athlete turned CrossFit Games competitor, Sarah’s own experience of shifting the athletes perspective gives her a powerful testimony to the strength of living a Christ-centered life. Sarah has seven years of coaching and teaching experience, specializing in the union of breath and movement as it relates to athletic performance, injury prevention and injury recovery.


Chelsey is a prior Individual and team Games competitor living in NYC. She works in real estate development and loves sunshine, Jesus, braiding hair, handstand walking and the color purple


Billy is our True Strength Camp Director, transitioned a 13 year career in pharmaceutical sales to being a full time CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Hendersonville, holds his CrossFit L2 certifications, and is the Programs Director with FAITH RXD. 


Tyler is a Christian/Crisis Counselor, the Chapter Champion for FAITH RXD, and is certified in CF L1, CF Weightlifting, and OPEX CCP.



Polly is an ordained Pastor.  Polly started a 501C3 called Life Ministries in 2007 where she does Christ Centered counseling for individuals and couples, Life coaching and Nutrition coaching.  She is currently on staff of her local church as Kids Pastor.  She is a CrossFit L1 and Precision Nutrition L2.


Kelly Barcol is an eleven year CrossFitter at 51 years old.  Kelly is an author as well as a motivational and inspirational speaker for churches and secular organizations.  He the president of Winnersville Community  Center and the Josh Sullivan Beat The Streets program.  Owner of CrossFit Winnersville in Valdosta, GA and CrossFit Checkered Flag in Daytona Beach, FL. Kelly is the Outreach Pastor at White Chapel Church and strength & Conditioning coach for Warner Christian Academy in Daytona.  Lastly, Kelly is the Faith RXD  Chaplains Role Champion.


Former US Naval Surface Warfare Officer & Search & Rescue Swimmer.  Sales Director for Berry Global – Agricultural Films for 13 years. CrossFit Broken Chains (Orlando, FL) affiliate owner with my wife Annette since 2013. Weekly contributor to the FAITH RXD “Athlete Word of the Day.” Freed from the bondage of legalistic religion and walking in freedom with Christ since 2007. 


You’ll learn how your faith can bring renewed purpose to your athletic performance, profession and relationships, and steer you in the direction God desires for your life. Fitness skill sessions will help you build safe, efficient and effective technique in an inspirational and constructive environment with workouts providing additional opportunity for application and guidance.


“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” – Ephesians 6:10

We’re excited for you to be able to join us from the comfort of your own home! 

Here’s some answers to common questions: 

Will I need any equipment? 

Only a jump rope and either a kettlebell or dumbbell!

Will someone coach me and help me with my form?

You bet! After a time of instruction and introducing the workout or concepts, you will be broken out into smaller groups and have a world-class CrossFit or Weightlifting Coach making sure you do each movement safely while also challenging yourself.

Should I use a phone, tablet, or PC?

For the best experience, we joining using a PC. We will email instructions for how to join 48 hours prior. 

Will I get to know other attendees?

You bet! You’ll notice a place in the schedule for Breakout groups, you will be with your same group through the entire two days. This will allow a smaller group to be able to discuss what your learning and process how it applies to your life.

Does True Strength Online qualify me to begin the process to starting a local Chapter if that’s what I’m interested in?

It does! When you fill out the form, make sure to note that you are interested in starting a Chapters so our Programs Team can follow up with you.



5:30pm EST/2:30pm PST Opening remarks and Group WOD

Double Under Instruction and Workout – A high intensity workout where all you need is a jump rope!

6:15pm EST/3:15pm PST Break

6:30pm EST/3:30pm PST FAITH Session 1: True Strength: Before the First Pull

6:50pm EST/3:30pm PST General Session 1 Q&A

7:00pm EST/4:00pm PST Breakout Group Discussion

7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST Break

7:45pm EST/4:45pm PST Choice Session 1

8:15pm EST/5:15pm PST Wrapped up


10:00am EST/7:00am PST FAITH Session 2: Christ-Centered Living

10:20am EST/7:20am PST General Session 2 Q&A

10:30am EST/7:30am PST Breakout Group Discussion

11:00am EST/8:00am PST Break

11:15am EST/8:15am PST FITNESS Session 1: Functional Building for Performance

You’ll only need Dumbbell or Kettlebell

12:30pm EST/9:30am PST Breakfast/Lunch Break


1:30pm EST/10:30am PST Choice Session 2

2:00pm EST/11:00am PST Speaker Panel

2:30pm EST/11:30am PST FITNESS Session 2: Intro to Mindful Mobility Flow

No equipment needed

4:00pm EST/1:00pm PST Break

5:00pm EST/2:00pm PST FAITH Session 3: IMPACT

5:20pm EST/2:20pm PST General Session 3 Q&A

5:30pm EST/2:30pm PST Breakout Group Discussion

6:00pm EST/3:00pm PST Athlete Panel 

6:45pm EST/3:45pm PST Wrap Up



“One of the most powerful events I’ve ever been a part of. The seminar has changed many things in my personal and faith life and I can’t thank the coaches enough for how well the event was managed.”

“Truly what it says – pursuing excellence and being challenged spiritually, physically and mentally.”

“Wonderful! I needed to see that it was possible to incorporate two passions and have them work together for the better.”

“It by far exceeded my expectations, and was hands down the best training event I have attended. Coming together, learning from the best, and sharing our love and faith in Christ was very powerful. The event has extremely motivated me to use the gifts God has given me, and I want to invest more time serving God, and less time just living for myself.”



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