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Claiming Your New Identity

I never felt much like an “athlete” growing up. I wasn’t involved in many sports. In high school I preferred things like show choir (jazz hands!) and the Latin club (nerd alert!).   I never identified myself as an “athlete.” But when I got into functional fitness, other people began to identify me that way. I still remember […]

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The New Life of Courage

AthleteWord: Strength is not found in what I can do but in what I believe the LORD can do. READ Matthew 14:22-33 REFLECT Many of us have been caught in the middle of a workout wondering if we can finish.  Muscles are burning. Breathing gets deep. Our thoughts turn to quitting. But, often it’s a […]


The Promises that Lead to Performance

READ 1 Peter 2:4-10 REFLECT Competitors aim for excellence. But how do we know if our performance is good enough? Is our performance good enough when we win the workout? Or, is it good enough when we show improvement? This approach to competition is seeking to be approved by our performance. Competitors of faith aim […]

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Name Your Strength

AthleteWord: You were made to be the mirror of greatness. READ Hebrews 1:1-4 REFLECT What was the first information we submitted when registering for the Open? Was it information about our performance like a 1-rep max? Was it another measurement like our height or weight? No, it was the most important information we can share, […]


Only One Voice Leads to Real Success

AthleteWord: We were MADE to pursue excellence by connecting to one TEAM that follows one VOICE. READ  John 10 REFLECT What is a team?  The word finds its meaning from the idea of a team of animals pulling together.  Successful teams are linked together so they can pull in the same direction.  Many of us […]