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Athlete Mindset: Cole Sager on Finishing Strong

During The Open last year, Cole Sager shared his thoughts on what it means to live a life where you approach every situation, or obstacle, with a heart and attitude to “Finish Strong.” What obstacles have you guys been facing, and what are you doing to battle through them so you can Finish Strong?  

Update Video for July 2018

Coming This Month: We're exploring, “What does it mean to be a competitor of the faith?” and learning from Heroes like Abraham and Nehemiah. You can watch Chip Pugh's “Athlete Mindset: The Unbroken Commitment of a Competitor” here. We'll continue to learn about incorporating the disciplines of Prayer and Fasting. We have a team going […]

Alex Pineda Founder of FLYTE

Interview with Alex Pineda | Business as a Ministry

Who is Alex Pineda? I am a Disciple of Christ, a Husband, a soon to be father of a baby girl named Alexa, and a steward of FLYTE, a Supplement and Apparel brand whose mission is to be the light of the industry   What is FLYTE? FLYTE is a ministry that is about more […]


The Nutritional Strategy of a Competitor

READ Luke 5:33-39 REFLECT Competitors crave improved performance.  As we grow in this aim we become more intentional with our food choices.  When our performance demands increased food intake we add more calories, macronutrients, and make better choices.  But many of us have also found fasting to help us perform better as athletes. Intermittent fasting […]