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Name Your Strength

AthleteWord: You were made to be the mirror of greatness. READ Hebrews 1:1-4 REFLECT What was the first information we submitted when registering for the Open? Was it information about our performance like a 1-rep max? Was it another measurement like our height or weight? No, it was the most important information we can share, […]


Only One Voice Leads to Real Success

AthleteWord: We were MADE to pursue excellence by connecting to one TEAM that follows one VOICE. READ  John 10 REFLECT What is a team?  The word finds its meaning from the idea of a team of animals pulling together.  Successful teams are linked together so they can pull in the same direction.  Many of us […]


Mike Smith: Searching for a father, and finding God

Mike Smith, in his own words tells us about searching for a father, but finding God and community along the way: Like most young guys I grew up with a completely warped perception of women, love, and sex. In my common, yet sick, teenage mind I looked at women as something to conquer and to […]


Get In the Game

What fitness goals do you have this new year? Athletes always have goals, whether they want bigger muscles, heavier lifts, or faster times, athletes seek something bigger. Maybe you wouldn’t consider yourself an athlete…yet. If you’re not, could you make your goal to become one? Get in the game. Stop being a spectator. Stop talking […]


Athletes Train One Step at a Time

AthleteWord: SMALL STEPS can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE when they follow the RIGHT path.   READ 1 Timothy 4:7-10 REFLECT Athletes push to get better.  They don’t simply “workout.”  Athletes train.  Working out allows us to move, sweat, and burn calories.  But, training implies we are progressing toward a goal.   DISCUSSION What are your […]