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Every month we have people getting together
in over 80 cities and 9 countries to host free
FAITH + FITNESS events which include
a workout followed by a faith discussion.


Iron Sharpens Iron

Our three day camp designed to strengthen your faith and fitness through world class coaching. 

“One of the most powerful events I’ve ever been a part of. The seminar has changed many things in my personal and faith life and I can’t thank the coaches enough for how well the event was managed.”
– Past Attendee


Our leadership conference focused on equipping men and women to what God has called them to do:
Serve others and make disciples.

Find a Gym to Drop In Or Join

Local CrossFit Affiliates around the world support the mission of FAITH RXD by donating a portion of their profits every month. As a thank you, we like to show our appreciation by showcasing them and encouraging people to check them out.
If you are looking for a new gym home or somewhere to drop in at while you are visiting a new city, please consider using our map and supporting these gym owners.


Our chapters are 100% volunteer led and
organized. We’re always looking for men and women with hearts to serve to join our local chapter leadership teams or to start a chapter in their area.

Can’t Find a Chapter Near You?

Start one!

Do you have a passion to create a place that brings faith and fitness together and fosters community? Then click to learn more about how to start a chapter, and start praying over the opportunity to bring FAITH RXD to your city.




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