This week, our Coach Role Champion, Vince Dravecky, share’s his faith journey. From divorce, to his mom threatening his life, to constantly failing to define his purpose and identity, his story is one of perseverance and eventual triumph in Jesus. This talk was originally recorded in December 2018, at a local Chapter, FAITH RXD Denver, FAITH + FITNESS Event.
Vince shares, “My reintroduction to faith has been a progression… I asked myself time after time, ‘Why, God, why? Why is all of this happening?’ And I’ve come to realize, through all of that, he was purposefully, and strategically not answering these prayers. Not giving me what I wanted, because it was what I wanted, and not what he wanted. What God wanted for me was my heart, and I refused to let that go. If I let it go, it could be broken, it could be stolen, it could be hurt.”
If you have any questions about what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ, or if you have been affected by anything that you’ve read during this time, we’d love to talk and pray with with you. Please don’t hesitate to message us at in**@fa*****.com, or through one of the channels listed below.
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