This week on the Athlete Mindset, we share an interview we did last year with Mike Cerbus, the Education Director for Power Monkey Fitness, where he has left his mark on thousands of people through coaching Power Monkey clinics. His Olympic weightlifting credits include the 2011 American Open Championship, 2012 Pan Am & Olympic Qualification Teams and he’s a 5 Time USA National Medalist.

He talks about growing up with a single Mom, how his faith and weightlifting sustained him through the season when his dad left them, and how his personal relationship with God has grown and developed through the years.

We discuss the Spiritual Disciplines he incorporates such as personal Bible study, journaling, prayer, fasting, gratitude, community with other Christians, and evangelism.

Connect more with Mike-
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikecerbus/
Web: https://www.powermonkeycamp.com

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