“I was really forced to change, and that change had to be for the Lord… I think that he really teaches us and molds us, the Lord knows exactly what we’ll need for the moment that he’ll call upon us. And he supplies all the lessons… those lessons are so extremely valuable.

“I see the ways I grew in my commitment to fitness and my competitive life and now I’m drawing those levels of commitment to how I work in my faith. I showed up every day, I didn’t miss a session, and not only that, I did with my whole heart… that’s just an example for the way that we’re supposed to love the Lord. You’re supposed to devote your whole heart in every session that you have with him, which might be church, which might be serving, which might be your personal devotion time, it might be in your relationships, maybe it is in your health.”

Professional CrossFit Athlete, Tia Wright, sat down with us after Iron Sharpens Iron Camp North Denver, to discuss her journey the last year and how her relationship with God has helped her navigate it. We talk about what was going through her mind at Regionals where she realized she wouldn’t make the 2018 CrossFit Games, how God has pursued her, and how she wants the 2019 season to be defined.



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