On today’s episode, we get to know CrossFit Athlete, Entrepreneur, and former Bachelorette contestant, Luke Parker, on a whole new level. We get pretty real in this interview as we sat down at the 2019 CrossFit Games, just months after his season on the Bachelorette aired. It was pretty controversial season as Luke stood up for his faith and what it means to live it out. As you can imagine, doing so on such a public platform invited both praise and criticism.

Regardless of where people stand on how he conducted himself on the show, one thing is true, Luke P. is not where his identity starts or stops. We get into the growth that has happened since the show, and his hopes for the future. One thing we can all take away from this episode is that our past is not our future. It is something we can grow and learn from, but it does not have to define us, regardless of what anyone says or thinks. The most important opinion that matters is God’s, and he can use all situations and stories for his glory.

If you want to check out what Luke has been up to since the interview, you can find him on Instagram, @luke_parker777, or at The Unbroken Mentality (@unbrokenmentality), the new podcast he launched on developing the champion mindset. His most recent episodes include interviews with Colton Underwood and Cole Sager.

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