This is Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a time where we remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives in service to their country. We want to honor them.

Today’s interview is with Ryan Foster, Veteran and Co-Founder of the Reveille Project with Kevin Ogar. Ryan served in the US Marine Corp and is intimately familiar with what vets go through as they transition home and into civilian life. His story was dramatically impacted for the better through fitness and by God.

The mission of the Reveille Project is to help restore veteran’s lives post-active duty.

We want to bring awareness for the men and women who did make it home but are struggling to make that transition. For many, the trauma impact of their service is not over when the are no longer active duty. With about 1 million non-fatal casualties sustained in both Iraq and Afghanistan and with more than 300,000 of them showing signs of PTSD there is a great need for organizations like The Reveille Project to serve these men and women. These vets served us, now it’s our opportunity to serve them. To learn more about what they’re doing, visit www.thereveilleproject.org.


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