Today we’re chatting with Ryan Husband, the founder of LRX Apparel. You may know his apparel brand from the Back My Gym Campaign they did at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. This campaign gave a portion of the profits back to the gyms of the customers who purchased the shirts. It was eventually picked up by Morning Chalk Up and other media outlets. In total they raised over $40,000 for local gyms. The largest amount given back to any one gym was $2060 which was enough to cover 15 one month memberships. 

In the case where gyms did not decide to take the donation, LRX Apparel gave the money to Mental Health America. The financial impact from COVID on small businesses has been devastating, so during a time where there is much fear of the future, it was incredible see how thousands of people came together to support their fitness community. Our resilience and perseverance are on full display this season.

The cool thing about Ryan is that his desire to have a positive impact on people’s lives is not limited to one altruistic t-shirt campaign. This heart to see people live thriving lives is the foundation on which he’s built his brand. But he’s not all talk. Ryan has had his own share of struggles that he discusses in our interview, and how his relationship with Jesus is what has carried him through.

LRX is also today’s sponsor. LRX seeks to inspire you to be the best version you can be. for 15% off your next purchase, use the code “FAITHRXD”. Check out their latest apparel designs at http://www.lrxapparel.com

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