Today we’re hanging out with Sarah Loogman, Founder and Executive Director of Point One Vision, and former CrossFit Games athlete. We dive into a wide range of topics, including one she’s incredibly passionate about, the breath, and how it’s tied to how God has created us. This is part of her radical story of how she came to know God and how he’s healed her of her anxiety. She also shares stories from her time in Africa, and expands on a question she recently asked in an article, “Everyone’s talking about revival, but what about revelation?”

After living life on her own terms, she shares what is has been like learning how to surrender to God’s plans and how he wants to use her.

In the episode we also talk about our upcoming faith and fitness camp, True Strength | Raw. You can more by visiting www.faithrxd.org/truestrengthraw. We’re excited because Sarah will be guest coaching for the second time.

A big thank you to this episode’s sponsor, FLYTE. FLYTE was created with the sole purpose of reconciling others to Christ through health and fitness. As an organization, they exist to provide you with premium supplements and information to help you build a healthy body and achieve your fitness goals. You can check them out at http://www.flytesport.com and make sure to follow them on instagram @flytesport.Use the code FAITHRXD for 10% off your purchase.

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