Romans 1:18-25


Strength is developed through a disciplined dedication to training. But have we ever thought about the origin of the wisdom we use when designing programs? What about the design of our bodies? If we see design, doesn’t that mean there must be a Designer?

When we view everything in life this way, we cannot help but say, “Thank you!” to the One who designed everything.


What are you most thankful for in life? How have you received these things? Where did they come from?

There are countless things in the world for which we can be thankful: life, relationships, opportunities and beauty everywhere. How can we best express our thanks for the good we experience in this life? I am most thankful when I remember I am not the source of good in my life. And, the opposite must be true. I am least thankful when I think I created the good in my life.

Scripture tells us there are two categories in the universe: the Creator and the created. There is someone to thank, and there are things to be thankful for. Which category does our fitness fall into? Is exercise and training the creator of good in our lives? Or has it been created by the Designer for our good?

God created fitness to be a gift for our enjoyment and His glory. Workouts are gifts from God to enjoy as a celebratory appreciation of the life and health He’s given us. Let us practice strength by saying, “Thank you!”



  1. Start a 5-minute timer and list everything that comes to mind for which YOU are thankful.
  2. Thank God for His many blessings through fitness and every other created thing He has given you to enjoy.



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