Luke 11:28 


Just as a tree grows stronger and more resilient each year, applying what we learn is like nourishing our minds and souls. Without putting into practice the lessons gleaned from our workouts, we would be stuck in a state of stagnation, devoid of progress.

Similarly, merely reading the Bible without actively living out its teachings is akin to admiring the beauty of old trees from a distance without ever feeling their shade or witnessing their roots reaching deep into the earth.

By applying what we learn, we engage in a transformative process that deepens our understanding and ingrains the knowledge within us. It is through the application of newfound knowledge that we genuinely internalize its wisdom, allowing it to shape our actions. Just as a seed needs fertile soil, sunlight, and water to grow into a mighty tree, our personal growth requires the nourishment of applied knowledge to blossom and flourish.

We must embrace the power of application. In the arena of action, we truly test and refine ourselves, much like how strong winds and storms shape the branches of an old tree, making it more resilient.

Jesus compares doers in the Bible to wise men. Matthew 7:24 reads, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Here Jesus tells us that we will gain wisdom from following Him.

The act of applying His teachings becomes a transformative journey of self-discovery. We become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses, and through His teachings, we are empowered to overcome challenges and become stronger disciples.

May we continually strive to apply His teachings in our daily lives, embracing the profound blessings and enrichment they offer.


1. Commit Matthew 7:24 to memory.



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