Psalm 27:14


Today’s culture has redefined bravery. It is no longer seen as courageous to fight for what you believe in but rather to challenge the status quo, and question accepted norms.

But that’s not what bravery is at all. Being brave means standing up for your beliefs and values, even if you are the only person standing in the room.

When we think of brave people, we often think of veterans who volunteer to serve their country, people who make great sacrifices like those who helped hide Jews during World War II, and those who started with nothing and created their own success stories.

However, there are many other examples of brave people in the world.

For example, competitors show their bravery by willingly facing challenges others may be hesitant or apprehensive about. They set an example for others by showing that overcoming fear and achieving success is possible.

There are many examples of bravery in the Bible. But let’s take a look at Moses. Before he led the Israelites, he was a member of the most powerful family in the ancient world. It took bravery to leave behind a life where he would never have wanted for anything. He stepped away from being of the most powerful people in the Egyptian Empire. That takes guts.

When the people found themselves gripped with fear, anticipating an impending attack from Pharaoh’s army, Moses stepped forward as a beacon of reassurance. He boldly declared, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm, and you will witness the incredible deliverance the Lord will bring upon you today. The Egyptians you see before you now, you will never see again. The Lord will fight on your behalf; you need only to remain steadfast.”

Moses’ resolute faith serves as an inspiring example for us today. Just as he trusted wholeheartedly in God’s unwavering support and divine intervention, we too should stand firmly and place our trust in the Almighty.


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