Philippians 3:14


God doesn’t choose people based on income, status, or popularity. That’s the way today’s culture selects its standard bearers. Often, today’s culture sees social media as a way to measure and judge others. But this is different from how the Lord works.

The Lord sees everyone for the potential that they have. While we may sometimes judge someone based on their appearance and personal problems, God judges them based on what is in their heart. He can see past all the imperfections, sin, and human flaws. He can see past the poor choices that were made and the potential that someone has for greatness.

Think about it for a minute. Before David killed Goliath, he was a boy, tending to flocks in the fields. By anyone’s standard then and now, you wouldn’t expect a shepherd to be able to take down a seasoned warrior. But what David had was faith in God and humility. Those two things together made him an unstoppable force against Goliath. The giant warrior that everyone feared didn’t stand a chance against David.

So, we see the divine call is often reserved for those who are prepared and display humility. Without David’s faith, he would not have been selected to save the Kingdom of Israel.

And sometimes, the Lord chooses people we least expect. Take another example in Scripture from Saul of Tarsus. As we know, Saul became Paul after his conversion on the Road to Damascus. As Saul, he persecuted Christ’s early disciples and actively sought them out to harm. These aren’t Christ-like qualities, so it doesn’t sound like someone God would call.

However, the Lord knew that behind all the cold layers of Saul’s heart was one that could help change the world and spread His message. And as the Bible clearly illustrates, Paul became one of Jesus’ most influential voices of that time.


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