1 Timothy 1:5 


From time to time, we all go against our conscience. We make decisions that don’t benefit us at all, lead to guilt, and fail to achieve what we want. When we make these choices, our lives draw further from Jesus Christ.

Minister Billy Graham expressed how when we continue to sin and ignore Jesus, our conscience will tell us that evil things are good. He said, “Because you see, your conscience will begin calling evil good; it’ll call good evil. It’ll put darkness for light and light for darkness, and it will say that bitter is sweet and that sweet is bitter. It becomes evil itself.”

When we have a clear conscience, we act in accordance with our values as believers. 1 Peter 3:16 emphasizes this point, “Keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.” The last thing we want is to be near death’s threshold with a conscience marred, a twisted lens that distorts good into evil and evil into good. The mere contemplation of such a fate sends shivers down our spines.

Yet, amidst this realization, a beacon of hope shines forth. Jesus Christ, the embodiment of unfailing love and boundless grace, extends an unwavering offer of deliverance. Through wholeheartedly accepting Him, we find ourselves redeemed, our spirits restored from the clutches of moral confusion.

The tarnished layers of perception are peeled away, unveiling a luminous truth that transcends earthly realms. In Him, we discover an eternal refuge, forever liberated from the chains of morality, and we are provided with everlasting peace.

For He, the Prince of Peace, holds within His essence the power to bestow upon us a clear conscience. As we diligently follow Him and anchor ourselves in His Word, we find solace in the assurance that our hearts and minds will be cleansed, unburdened by guilt or shame.


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