Romans 6:9


Life is like a pull-up bar, ever-present and challenging us to seize control. In moments of hardship, when we feel suspended in uncertainty, disruptions become the kipping pull-ups of our existence. How we navigate these disruptions determines our progress.

The first step is to grasp the bar of intention firmly. When challenges arise, avoid the instinctive reaction to let go. Instead, tighten your grip, symbolizing your commitment to overcoming adversity. Approach each obstacle with a laser focus, like when you aim for a personal record.

Embrace the swing of life’s unpredictable events. Disruptions may throw you off balance, but find your flow, adapt to the unexpected, and use the momentum to propel yourself forward. Remember, it’s not about avoiding the swing; it’s about harnessing its energy to fuel your advancement.

Engage your core strength, as that’s your cornerstone in the gym and life. In the face of disruptions, flex your mental resilience. Stay centered, breathe deeply, and maintain your steadiness. A resilient mindset is the foundation upon which you will conquer the fiercest lions.

Finally, recognize that your community is here for you. When the pull-up bar of challenges seems impossible, turn to your support system for a boost. Lean on your tribe, share the burden, and remember that we’re all navigating through the storms of life together.

Life is a relentless test of strength, adaptability, and community. By gripping the bar of intention, embracing the swing of change, engaging our core resilience, and relying on our support system, we can conquer any obstacle and achieve our full potential. That’s what it is all about.

But may we also raise the bar as believers in Christ, lifting ourselves to the standards fit for His followers. This means keeps our focus on Him always.


1. Write down one thing you could do to raise the bar in your personal and spiritual life.



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