1 Corinthians 16:13 


What does it mean to stand firm? Does it mean that you never lose your ground? No. It means that you do your best to keep your footing in a place aligned with God.

We all misstep. And what matters is that when we do, we refocus on the righteous path, with our sights on Jesus. We learn in Proverbs that when we submit to Him, he will make our “paths straight.”

But it can be a challenge to always stand firm. Today’s culture is packed with distractions, social media, and instant gratification. In contrast, His culture is different. Instead, we receive eternal gratification. And since it takes a lot of time to experience the full benefits of that blessing, patience can be a challenge.

In addition, the choices we make for Jesus, may not be popular. But standing firm in the Lord means that we don’t buckle under pressure from today’s culture. We stand our ground no matter unpopular it may be.

Can you recall an experience where you had to walk away from a situation because it could have compromised your beliefs? If so, how did you feel in that moment?

By walking away you did exactly what Christ would want you to do, even it made you feel a little out of place. That’s what we do as Christians. Stand our ground and exit situations when it is clear that they could damage our souls.


1. Write down two ways you will stand firm for Christ.

2. Commit Proverbs 3:6 to memory.



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