2 Peter 3:18


Each time you step into the gym, you’re on a mission to grow into a stronger, more accomplished version of yourself.

You understand that nothing comes easy, and you’re not here for overnight victories.

So, you put in the hard work. You sweat, you grind, and you push through the pain. You do the drills, the reps, the sets over and over again. You know that persistence and discipline are the only way to hit your targets and achieve your goals.

And as you keep going, you start to see the results. Your muscles grow bigger, your endurance increases, and your form gets better. You begin to feel a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished so far, and it only drives you to keep going and growing.

The same goes for growing in your faith in Jesus Christ.

When you started your journey, the Bible was your first step. You read, studied, and meditated on the scriptures, trying to understand God’s message for you. You saw a transformation in your heart and mind as you became more compassionate, forgiving, and loving.

And you prayed, talking to God, pouring out your heart, and seeking His guidance. You asked Him for strength, courage, and wisdom to navigate life’s challenges. And you felt the peace that comes from centering your life on Him.

So keep putting in the work for Him. Don’t give half measures for God, give your all. The journey may be tough, but it is well worth it. The Scripture repeatedly talks of “reward.”

And that reward that God promises is not a mere token of appreciation, but a treasure we cannot comprehend. It’s a reward that transcends earthly riches and material possessions, a reward that brings joy, peace, and fulfillment to the soul.


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