Psalm 90:12 


Competitors fight with heart. They dig deep during difficult moments and find a spark to keep going. They exercise courage in times when most people would be afraid. What many people see as too difficult, they see as a welcome challenge.

However, competitors also recognize that they aren’t superhuman. Because of this, they know when to take a break or come back to try again another day. A competitor’s heart is a critical piece of what makes them a champion.

There are numerous examples of heart in Scripture. When King Darius issued a decree that anyone praying to God be thrown into the lion’s den, Daniel continued to pray. He didn’t change his ways because of the laws of man. He exercised heart and defied the order.

We also know that Darius really liked Daniel. So leading up to the moment he was thrown into the lion’s den, he may have been able to apologize for violating the law.

But Daniel did no such thing. Even after Darius sealed his fate, he took courage and trusted in God. The lions did not attack Daniel because God delivered him through the use of an angel. And God delivered Daniel because he believed that he would be saved by Him.

Afterward, Darius changed his mind about the decree and ordered the subjects in his kingdom to fear and give “reverence” to the God of Daniel.

Daniel’s heart didn’t just save him. It had a ripple effect resulting in Darius trusting in Daniel’s God. When we exercise heart, we have the potential to have a greater impact than we can imagine.


Read the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

Think about a moment where you trusted in God even though all hope felt lost. Write down what you felt at that time.



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