Matthew 7:18


Honor, a timeless concept etched into the annals of history, is our steadfast shield on the battlefield of existence. Much like a suit of armor, it envelops us, guarding not just our image but the sanctity of our character. It remains a symbol of bravery, a mantle donned by warriors and leaders alike, a testament to the unwavering courage they bear.

Honor is also associated with trust. When someone is honorable, you can have a relationship with that person and trust that they will do what they say.

Honor encompasses more than just public appearances. It means being transparent, such that even in the privacy of your actions, you remain an honorable individual.

Integrity is also a significant part of being honorable. We don’t just receive benefits for our soul for being honest in our dealings, but we can think clearer and have less stress in our lives.

Who were some honorable people in the Bible? There were many, but let’s focus on one, Joshua.

A revered biblical figure, Joshua is renowned for his unwavering faith and devotion to God. His steadfast obedience to divine commandments, especially during the conquest of Canaan, exemplified his unwavering commitment to God’s guidance. His leadership was characterized by steadfast trust in God’s promises, setting an exemplary model of honor for generations to come.

We can learn from examples like Joshua’s as we strive to be honorable in our Christian duties.

Matthew 7:18 says, “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” The passage of Scripture lets us know that just as a good tree yields good fruit, an honorable individual’s actions are consistent with their virtuous nature. At the same time, a lack of honor is akin to a rotten tree producing undesirable outcomes.


1. Write down two things you can do to be more honorable.



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