Hebrews 13:7


Legendary NFL Coach Vince Lombardi once wisely stated, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” This profound quote highlights the essence of leadership – it is not an innate trait but rather a skill developed through perseverance and dedication.

Hard work is the cornerstone of leadership. True leaders do not shy away from challenges but rather embrace them as opportunities for growth. They do not settle for mediocrity but constantly strive to improve.

Leadership is not about being born with certain qualities but cultivating the right mindset and behaviors through effort and perseverance. It is a continuous process of learning, adapting, and evolving.

Leaders know that success isn’t going to be handed to them.

Like the sparks that fly as the blacksmith’s hammer strikes the anvil, leaders embrace challenges and obstacles as opportunities to shape their skills, character, and vision. They understand that the process of becoming a leader requires continuous effort and resilience, just as the blacksmith tirelessly pounds and shapes the raw metal into a formidable blade.

The greatest leader of all is Jesus Christ. What can aspiring leaders learn from Jesus’ leadership style.

  1. Leaders can learn from Jesus’ example by developing empathy towards those they lead, actively listening to their concerns, and showing genuine compassion and understanding.
  2. Leaders can emulate Jesus’ compassion by showing genuine care and concern for the welfare of those they lead, extending kindness, and offering support and assistance when needed.
  3. Leaders can emulate Jesus’ humility by putting others before themselves, valuing diverse perspectives, and being willing to serve and support their team.
  4. Leaders can learn from Jesus’ selflessness by prioritizing the well-being of their team or community over personal gain, making decisions that benefit the collective rather than just themselves.


1. Commit Hebrews 13:7 to memory.

2. Write down one thing you can do to improve your leadership qualities in your professional and spiritual life.



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