John 10:28


In life, we strive to capture the most precious moments and cherish them dearly. These remarkable instances serve as beacons of light during challenging times, providing us with the motivation to keep fighting. Renowned NFL coach Vince Lombardi eloquently defined moments like this: “I firmly believe that a person’s ultimate triumph, the pinnacle of their cherished values, is attained when they have poured their heart and soul into a noble endeavor, and find themselves physically drained yet victorious on the battlefield.”

As athletes, we crave moments of achievement and greatness. And God, in His infinite wisdom, wants us to live a life filled with proud and meaningful memories.

How do we build Christ-centered moments?

To build a Christ-centered moment is simple. It means that we make God the main focus in all we do. It is akin to gazing at a breathtaking horizon, where the beauty of God’s presence stretches infinitely before us.

In this spiritual landscape, we strive to make God the radiant sun that illuminates our every step, casting a warm, golden glow upon our journey. Just as the horizon represents the vastness of possibilities, so too does a Christ-centered moment encompass boundless opportunities to experience divine love, grace, and guidance.

Because God blesses us when we choose Him over today’s culture. He makes sure that we are able to do the things we need to in accordance with His divine law. Such things as prayer, reading the Bible, and helping others, bring more Christ-centered moments in life.

So let us embrace the challenge of creating Christ-centered moments, knowing that the rewards are immeasurable. Let us fix our gaze upon that majestic horizon, where God’s presence meets our yearning souls, and let His light guide us to a life of purpose and eternal significance.


1. Commit James 10:28 to memory.



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